Equipment Disposition

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Equipment Disposition

Equipment Disposition: How And When?

How and when should a company decide on equipment disposition? This question has no definite answer for a lot of business owners. There are a lot of things to put into consideration when determining if it is right to dispose of equipment.

Not all types of equipment can be disposed the same way, some of them need a specific way of disposal in order to maintain data security and privacy of customers. In this article, you will learn the what equipment disposition entails.

Immediate Disposition

Listed below are some of the factors that call for an immediate disposition of equipment:

    The equipment has lost its functional ability and can’t be salvaged The equipment does not meet your basic requirement anymore The equipment is outdated and no longer meets the standard of your company

There are also some conditions that do not need immediate disposition as the reasons stated above. For instance, your equipment might have a sluggish performance, or it breaks down regularly, and you have to spend money to fix it. The cost of purchasing new equipment to replace that one might be too much.

 But in some cases, when you calculate the total amount of cash and time you’ve spent on fixing an ineffective equipment, you might out that the cost of replacing that equipment will be far lesser than the cost of maintenance. Especially when the equipment (when it is off-line) stops the job of your staffs or stops production in your company. Whenever the situation of the equipment has gotten to this level, then it calls for immediate disposition.

Proper vs. Improper Disposition

Improper equipment disposition can happen at any level in a company. Sometimes, even banks mistakenly dispose computers that have sensitive client data, and some executives have even sold their devices containing confidential business information.

Every company is solely responsible for all the data entrusted to them, and they can be in serious trouble if there is a data breach, especially when the data breach is caused by ignorance.

Deleting a file or document does not completely remove that file or document from the hard drive of that computer. In fact, there are a lot of software programs that are designed to restore files that are deleted from a computer.

In order to make sure data is completely wiped and safe, you will need the help of an expert to help you wipe or destroy the drive. If you want to preserve data confidentiality, you need to dispose of all your IT equipment properly. Get a data sanitization company to completely eliminate any residual data on your equipment before you finally dispose of them.


A fascinating way of getting rid of the old equipment in your company and enhancing your environment is recycling equipment. Contacting an organization that handles equipment recycling will better educate you on what you have to do, how they can render their service to you, and how you can benefit from recycling your old equipment. If you want to make sure your data is safe, you can remove the hard drives from the computers for shredding beforehand.

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