Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Marietta

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Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Marietta

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Marietta - FAQs

Fire outbreaks can leave devastating damage that only a professional fire damage cleanup company such as Zen Dry Restoration can remediate. A commercial fire damage restoration and fire cleanup company will clean up the debris and restore your house to its original condition.

What is the first thing to do when a fire breaks out?

The first thing to do after a fire breakout is to get out of the house as soon as possible. Once you are out of the house, keep a safe distance between yourself and the house on fire. Call the fire department once you and your family are safely out of the house. As your trusted fire damage cleanup company, Zen Dry Restoration provides quality fire restoration services. We can help clean up your property and recover your valuables after a fire.

When should I file an insurance claim after fire damage?

It is essential to submit a claim to your insurance company immediately after the fire damage. A risk assessment officer will be sent over to inspect the scale of the damage and establish liability. You are liable for compensation if the cause of the fire was not human error.

Can I access my house after a fire?

It is advisable to let a Marietta GA fire damage repair professional inspect your property after a fire outbreak. Also, contact an industrial hygienist or structural engineer to determine the extent of the damage and its safety for human occupation.

As a commercial fire damage restoration and fire cleanup company, Zen Dry Restoration collaborates with local fire departments to assess properties damaged by fire. We provide quality fire restoration services and inspection to ensure your property is safe for occupation after fire remediation.

How do I get rid of soot and smoke from my house?

Smoke and soot can be difficult to clean up. In some cases, a complete restoration may be required to remediate the smoke and soot damage. In addition, moisture and water left behind after putting out a fire may cause mold to grow. Zen Dry Restoration can help eliminate all the hazards of fire damage and make your home safe for occupation within the shortest time possible.

Our fire restoration services in Marietta GA include soot and smoke removal. We have advanced air purifiers that can blow the smoke and soot out of your house. We also clean your ducting and any other outlet to eliminate fire debris and smoke.

How long does it take for full restoration after a fire?

The speed of restoration depends on the severity of the damage. In addition, you may have to wait for your insurance company to assess the extent of the damage before you begin the fire restoration process. As a commercial fire damage cleanup Marietta company, we strive to provide full fire restoration for our clients within the shortest time possible to return to their properties and move on with their lives.

Can smoke from a fire damage electronics?

Smoke can cause damage to electrical appliances. In addition, it may cause electrical components, including wall sockets to short circuit. One of our experts in fire damage and smoke restoration in Marietta GA can assess the smoke damage and give you a full report of the extent of damage to your electrical components.

Can I sleep at my house after a fire?

Avoid sleeping in a house that recently suffered fire damage. Any fire, big or small, leaves behind smoke and soot, which are toxic. Allow our commercial fire damage cleanup Marietta experts to rid your home of all hazards after fire damage.

You can rely on us to provide quality fire remediation. Contact Zen Dry Restoration at 678-468-3435 for a free inspection and or quotation.


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