commercial appraisals Edmonton

Article provided by: Frost and Associates

commercial appraisals Edmonton

Why Call Frost & Associates For Commercial Appraisals in Edmonton:

An accurate appraisal is key in getting the most out of the cost, and in ensuring that the appraisal will provide value to the application in question. Locals turn to Frost & Associates for commercial appraisals in Edmonton that are true representations of the value of said properties. As one of the largest locally owned, reputable agencies in the commercial appraisal sector, Frost & Associates has gotten the attention of corporations throughout the entire Edmonton region and is recognized at a leader in the industry.

Extensive experience and knowledge in commercial appraisals allows Frost & Associates to provide valuations for mortgage financing, land development, property tax appeal, expropriation, investment, estate settlement, marital asset division, least rate determination, expert testimony, depreciation allocation, and foreclosure. If you require the services of an appraiser, don’t hesitate to contact an agent from Frost & Associates by calling 780-462-1782.

Your inspection may take up to several hours to complete, depending on the size or the complex nature of the property to be appraised. The inspection is really only the first step in the process of completing the appraisal. You can expect the appraisal process for commercial property to take from a few days to weeks. It’s essential that as a client, you represent the facts regarding the property as accurately as possible without withholding information. Make your agent aware of the purpose of the appraisal prior to the actual appraisal. Call Frost & Associates to discuss your appraisal and let their knowledgeable agents answer your questions or provide you with additional information.

While the cost of commercial appraisals in Edmonton is considerably higher than that of a home appraisal, you’ll find in the end that it was money well spent. With an accurate appraisal comes a certain peace of mind that will streamline future processes and provide you with the confidence of knowing you’ll be able to procure financing or negotiate a quick sale if you should decide to bring your property to market. Frost & Associates is able to provide a quality valuation of your commercial property for a variety of requirements that may come up over time.

A commercial property that is not priced accurately may sit on the market for years or may cause the owner to take a financial loss. If you’re trusting your realtor to accurate appraise your commercial property, you may find that they are eager to inflate the price, hoping for a bigger commission. Hiring an unbiased, third party professional appraiser is the best decision you could make when putting your property on the market. The fact is, hiring a valuation expert is not a luxury- it’s a necessity.

Frost & Associates has been providing real estate and commercial appraisals in Edmonton since 1988 and is committed to providing value and accuracy to clients. With more than 100 years of collective experience to draw from, the agents from Frost & Associates can deliver results that you can rely on. Visit online now and click on the ‘Services’ link to learn more or make a call to Frost & Associates at 780-462-1782.

commercial appraisals Edmonton